Sunday, July 8, 2012

oh my engliSh..

What were the responsibilities of your current position?

Am belong to Final Test Department which this department provide to test the functionality of electronic chip and eliminate the reject one before proceed to customer.

As a Product Engineering Technician, Am responsible to perform the setup of electronic equipment and maintain the test process and procedure as required by customer. Engineering team must ensure every single product meet the target of timeline, yield,unit per hour,quality and reliability. I also support to test the trial customer product or new  test program and update to them the result (yield and reject breakdown) once done the process.

I will prepare a report as well, and send to customer by email if encounter any failure of quality product such as low yield, high reject or found abnormality during the  test process.

For the technical part, once operator report the abnormality during the test process, we will identify first the hardware, electronic device or tester and solve it as soon as possible to avoid the delay of process and not commit the target. Otherwise, report to customer if suspected the root cause of failure come from their product.

Meet the timeline,minimize the cycle time and reduce the downtime with high quality output is our goal in Final Test Department.

**it for nothing**

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